• Registration and participation in the system ADVtrafic is free.
  • The project administration is not responsible for any damage caused to you as a result of using this service.
  • It is forbidden to have more than one account in the system. If repeated registrations from one computer are detected, including the use of several accounts from one computer, as well as re-registrations for the purpose of fraud, other ways to deceive the system, all accounts are deleted with the loss of all funds and referrals.
  • A member's account that is inactive for 6 months will be deleted with the loss of all funds in the account.
  • The account of a member who is registered and not verified for 5 days will be deleted with the loss of all rights to his old account, as EMAIL.
  • Using any methods to cheat or hack the system is a gross violation of the rules and entails the deletion of the account without explanation.
  • It is forbidden to attract visitors by deceit and providing false information about the project ADVtrafic.
  • A blocked account can be restored if there is a dispute and it is resolved in favor of the user through negotiations.
  • It is forbidden to use logins for registration that can mislead other participants in the system or have profanity. Such as: admin…, administrator, etc.,. All such detected accounts will be deleted immediately.
  • Avatars containing advertising, pornography, erotica, images of scenes of violence, the occult, swastikas, etc. are prohibited.
  • Any insults to the project participants or the administration, as well as blackmail, extortion of money or refback, begging, requests to borrow money. In case of complaints from victims, the violator's account will be banned and deleted.
  • Creating more than one account per member is also prohibited from having more than one account on the same computer. It is forbidden to register and log into accounts from Internet clubs. If you have forgotten your password, please use the password recovery form.
  • It is forbidden to attract referrals using your referral link fraudulently.
  • You may not use private messages or the forum to SPAM or send advertisements.
  • It is forbidden to add for advertising sites that disrupt the normal course of surfing, destroy the frame with a timer, contain viruses, trojans, phishing links or any other malicious programs containing pornography or an abundance of erotic materials, sites with obvious deception, resources advertising "autoclickers ", "autobrowsers", various programs for hacking something, "magic wallets" resources. If found, such ads will be removed immediately, without a refund.
  • It is forbidden to place ads in the "Paid Tasks" section, in which registration is required via paid SMS messages, as well as tasks in the report of which it is necessary to provide personal passwords or credit card numbers.
  • The administration reserves the right to change the payment for using the services of the site, for the work of users, the amount of the minimum payment, if it deems it necessary and without explaining the reasons for these actions.
  • In case of blocking or deleting your account due to violation of the rules, the administration is not obliged to reimburse all your possible losses.
  • The System and its owners are not responsible for your possible financial losses and are not obliged to compensate your possible losses in case of unforeseen circumstances or bankruptcy.
6. ACCOUNT ACTIVATION (KYC and AML required by the government)
  • After registration, logging into your account, the first thing you need to do is activate it, confirming that you are a living person (a forced measure in the fight against multi-accounts).
  • To do this, you need in the account section, enter the activation code that was sent to you by registration email and click the "activate" button.

    - On the same page of your profile upload your passport copy or scanned ID card.
    - On the other hand, upload a selfie of your face that matches your documentation.

    Now after these steps your account is verified and you can fully use our service.

  • An unactivated account has a number of restrictions.
    • It is not possible to participate in competitions from the administration
    • It is not possible to participate in contests from a referrer
    • It is not possible to create contests for referrals
    • Access to earnings section blocked
    • It is not possible to put a referral to the fair
    • It is not possible to make rewards to your referrals
    • It is not possible to become a referral through (leadership board, user wall, on the referral board)
    • It is not possible to participate in the referral board
    • Can't bet on leaderboard
    • It is not possible to leave comments on the user's wall
    • Unable to use the test-drive function
    • It is not possible to receive Faucet
    • It is not possible to order a payout
  • If you have any problems with account activation, please contact support to resolve this issue.